Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Doris Hays/John Matthews

Twinkly electronic miniatures from John Baker and possibly another radiophonic accomplice working undercover. "John Matthews" is clearly Baker, but I'm not sure about "Doris Hays." I want to believe that this is Delia Derbyshire, but the pieces don't really add up. Perhaps Doris Hays is another Baker pseudonym. Anyways, this is MQ/LP 38 from 1971. Four of these twenty songs have been re-released on The John Baker Tapes, but the rest have been lying quietly here waiting for you to find them. Tracks 1-10 and 17-20 are credited to Hays (I really like "Somersault Beat").


  1. Doris Hays is a real person. She also recorded a couple of musique concrete LP's for Folkways in the late 60's, but I couldn't tell you her whereabouts now.

  2. Funny, when I read this post first I thought it said Doris Day.

  3. been after this for a long time. got into a bidding war on ebay some time ago..and lost!

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  5. I've changed my mind -- "Doris Hays" is Delia Derbyshire. The American Doris Hays is someone else. Delia did these tracks.

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  7. Many thanks for this info. Can you post the track listing, as I am trying to compile a complete list of Delia's work at delia-derbyshire.net and the new wiki.delia-derbyshire.net