Thursday, April 7, 2011


Here's a mix my friend Nina asked me to make for GapMag. Cover art by Roger White, a birthday gift for my wife. It's a painting of a Steven Alan shirt she admired.

Diabolo Menthe - Diane Kurys
Upside Down - Woo
Quot Sunt Horae - Kay Hoffman
Confession - Nobuhiko Obayashi
Silence - Dom
Nie Bede Cie Kochac - Andrzej Korzyński
OK Man, This is Your World - Gilli Smyth
Molto Alto - Le Stelle di Mario Schifano
Intro (Summer Names) - Roy Sablosky/Gregory Jones
The Chimney Sweeper - Denis
Sportsman - Haruomi Hosono
Hapmoniym Part 5 - Magical Power Mako
New Tape - Paolo Renosto


  1. Great mix! That Kay Hoffman track is stellar. Thanks.

  2. Sportsman by Haruomi Hosono is killer. Cornelius finally makes complete sense.

  3. guilty pleasure to the max. i love how he pronounces the word "anorexic"

  4. like the whole thing a lot! have you seen the hosono live in 76 stuff ...

  5. woah, i hadn't seen those clips. amazing! i like his 'stache. i think my fave hosono records are tropical dandy and bon voyage.

  6. wow sportsman is an addictive little tune!

    fantastic mix, thanks so much.