Monday, July 30, 2012

Mix by James

Ladies and gents, I have a very special treat for you today, a mix made by the one and only James of Broadcast! I nearly flipped out when he sent me this over the winter, and now I'm very happy to be able to share it with you too. James has been working on the soundtrack for Peter Strickland's film Berberian Sound Studio, now making the festival circuit and out in theaters August 31st. I haven't seen the film yet but it looks and sounds amazing (congrats Peter!). James says the OST is nearly finished and should be appearing soon... Until then enjoy his sublime sunwarped selections, available here.


  1. Wow, thanks alot for that! Yesterday I downloaded Death and Vanilla's first album at their bandcamp in hope it would sound a little bit like Broadcast: it sort of does, but nothing beats the original so thank you again!

  2. uauuuu!
    how lucky you/we are!
    Thanks! :p

  3. Much appreciated!

  4. Thank you! Any chance for a tracklist?

  5. Thank you so much.

    What is that fantastic piece of music at 24.46?


  6. All this and your OST podcast - this is great, thank you so much. You've soundtracked my summer!

  7. Excellent! any chance for a tracklist?

  8. Fantastic! I would love if James would compile a comp for Finders Keepers (for example). There is a lof of weird and wonderful stuff here and on the Broadcast Radio Mixes from way back...

  9. Thank you, this is really wonderful. Beautiful music and wonderful selections.

    If there is a tracklist for this mix and also for your OST Show special, i think many would be very happy and grateful.

  10. Whoa! This is quite a treat. Nice one James via Ben.

  11. Thanks for making this available Ben. Thats my evening sorted out.

  12. Thanks again, James. I love this mix.

    Here's a tracklist:
    1 The Skaters - Wind Draping Incense Pt IV
    2 Jim Ferraro - Remote Control Under the Couch
    3 Mikre Isha film rip
    4 Untamed World outro
    5 Nonhorse - That Nasty kitten
    6 Utbildingsradion TV ident
    7 Inside Out intro
    8 Dolphins Into The Future - On the High Seas
    9 BBC 'Watch'
    10 The Goodwillies - Blue Honey
    11 North German commercial break announcement
    12 Radio Quebec
    13 Peaking Lights - Silver Tongues, Soft Whispers
    14 University of the Air CTV
    15 Infinity Window - Skull Theft
    16 The Skaters - Wind Draping Incense Pt III

    1. Thank you! It's much appreciated!!!

  13. Ah yes, the theme to "Watch"!
    Yet another ghostly musical memory from school TV back in the 70s/early 80s. It's by the Swing Bach Ensemble and called 'Prima Ballerina'.
    Check it out:
    (theme starts at 0:55)

  14. Great mixtape.

    I've been using Prima Ballerina (it's on one of the Winchester Hospital Radio compilations) as my morning alarm for years and still never tire of it.

  15. Wonderful, thank you! Really looking forward to the soundtrack release - the film is brilliant.

  16. I have been listening to this for days now. I just happened to start streaming the James Ferraro album for the first time on Spotify and was like, hey! There's the track from JC's mix! Then came back here to find the tracklist above.