Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Veruschka poesia di una donna

Veruschka: poesia di una donna (1971). What a beautiful movie. A collaboration between top model Veruschka (Blow-Up, etc.) and fashion photographer Franco Rubartelli. This is in many ways a continuation of the Vogue photoshoots they did in the late 1960s. Very melancholy and surreal, a bit like Le Orme. Some great body-painting sequences, pastoral flashbacks, calisthenics in architectural ruins, etc. (favorite scene 1:01:00). And I don't even need to say it but the soundtrack by the maestro is breathtaking.


  1. Looks very promising! I cheated and watched your favorite scene already.
    And thanks for the reminder to finally watch Le Orme.

  2. Hi Raffael! I'm skipping around it too, as I don't even come close to speaking Italian. #nosubs