Friday, April 19, 2013

Maison Rouge

Crazy telescoping of style and history on this record -- from XVème France and Italy all the way up to the present, possibly even the future judging by the music. I think this is the soundtrack to either a ballet or a film about a ballet. Lovely, Broadcast-y shapes and scapes by Jean Schwarz of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales. This is from 1980, but again it really could have dropped out of the sky 30 years before or after that. My wife gave me the gist of the liner notes, but it's probably best if I just type them out in French here. You are welcome for the typos.

La France ou l'Italie au XVème siècle, ou aujourd'hui. Ou encore les quatre, la France, l'Italie, le XVème siècle, aujourd'hui, en surimpression. 

La Province. Un gros bourg. Un couvent. 

Et cet adolescent, orphelin bien sûr, adopté de ce couvent. Un verger aussi, ou peut-être seulement un arbre fruitier au milieu de la cour, avec ses fruits. Un pêcher. 

Et cette terrible sensation des choses crues, comme cette forte odeur de pain cuit que l'on trouve dans le centre de la ville, le dimanche surtout. 

Ou comme ces pages blanches dans ce collège ou dans ce couvent plutôt. Et le cartable aussi, épais, rugueux, presque vide. Juste un cartable presque vide.

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  1. Here comes a quick translation by yours truly:
    "Somewhere in France or Italy in the 15th century, or today. Or even all at the same time: France, Italy, the 15th century, nowadays, all superimposed.
    A provincial area. A big borough. A brood.
    And this teenager, an orphan of course, adopted by the brood. An orchard also, or maybe only a fruit tree in the middle of the court. A peach tree.
    And this terrible sensation of rawness, like this strong odor of cooked bread that one finds in the town centre, specially on sundays.
    Or like those blank pages in this college or in this brood rather. And the school bag too, thick, rough, almost empty. Just an almost empty portfolio."
    Thanks for this rare record I have never seen. P

  2. woah thanks! i was hoping somebody would translate. really beautiful language.

  3. Thanks for all of your kind shares - i'm gonna learn a lot here i guess. :)

  4. This is great thank you. Do you have a PW for it?