Saturday, January 21, 2012


Nice snowy weekend here. Catching up on a few scary movies, including Đorđe Kadijević's Leptirica ("The Moth"), which might appeal to Valerieholics. Leptirica is a Serbian made-for-TV horror movie from 1973, loosely adapted from Milovan Glišić's 1880 novel. One of those magical soft focus vampire films with a sylvan setting and flaxen-haired beauty, all resting on an ancient bed of Slavic folklore. Kinda silly film, but there's a great plot twist involving a butterfly and some memorable Valerie-esque details; I love the owls who "speak" to the main character through the trees... Watch here.


  1. Thank favorite blogger!
    Did you watch the whole Leptirica without subs though?

  2. I downloaded an avi file that luckily had english subs. I think it was a torrent. I can try to upload it.

  3. Glad to see Leptirica getting the attention is deserves. The YT link you posted to view it is dead but fear not, I posted the film (and I revised the subtitles completely) which you can either watch here:

    Or you can watch and download the full film with the revised embedded English subtitles which I posted on Archive org:

    I don't speak a word of Serbian but according to those that do, the more accurate translation is "She-Butterfly". There is also extra information on the film at either of the links.