Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Loose, Cadkin

A souvenir from Brooklyn, on a day that began with us involuntarily attending the Super Bowl victory parade. A story for another time... Anyway, there were about ten of these sleeveless orange-labeled orphans in the stacks that day but this one called out to me with its mysterious titles and complete absence of information. In the lingua franca of library music "celestial panorama" and "indefinite phase" can only mean electronics. (Actually that's not always true so be careful.) In this case things worked out; the record features some very nice electro-acoustic abstractions for dream sequences or floating off into the ether. Lots of fiddling around with percussion and strange overlapping melodic phrases. In a weird way it is sitting well with some more recent hypnagogic stuff that I am listening to. You will want to go straight to side B, unless you need a 6 second fanfare to convey that something really surprising has happened at the end of a scene. here


  1. Thanks ...nice images !!!

  2. Thanks! These are really nice!

  3. Side A is for Scooby Doo enthusiasts. Side B is for Kirchin lovers. All in all, nice find as per usual.

  4. woww ! awesome find !

  5. Ah, Bill Loose and Emil Cadkin (aka Ascher).

    Skim-reading this, it seems as though they had a bit of a tiff at some point:

    I think I've got one or two library LPs on Ascher. They were also US distributors for some UK library labels.

    Bill Loose did lots of very good stuff for Amphonic.

    1. Wow, what a courtroom drama. I feel bad for the Cadkins -- seems the Looses got off easy if the allegations are true. There was probably a war of personalities going on as well.

  6. Nice one, always been looking for these little gems...Ultra Music Services was the West Coast Division of Emil Ascher inc..i think they bought up Bill Loose & Emil Cadkins Tracks from PMS ..OK Music & Program Music...and distributed them on these..UMS Releases & some stuff Emil Aschers Own Library..UMS ,.they where divided into 4 Volumes "14 Records in each Volume" always keeping my eye out for these...

  7. Thank you for HQ!


  8. What sounds, and the entire LP is just over 9 minutes!!

    Do you have more from this label?

    Thank you for this, it's a home run!