Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oy Anam Oy

I think Arda Kardes was a widely known performer in Turkey in the 70s -- possibly the son of a famous musician, similar to Astrud Gilberto's child. I like how he just free associates over this Finders Keepers style spooky jam...


  1. It's a version of "Mamy Blue" which seems to have been a big hit just about everywhere except the US.
    There's hundreds of versions, one cheesier than the other. This one's definitely my favorite so far...

  2. Thanks, Raffael. I had never heard the song. Wonder if it is known in UK?

  3. Lucky you!
    The song is a cornerstone of 70s Europop, but its epicentre was definitely France.
    Just about everyone recorded it. Making a Mamy Blue compilation would be a mere 2 hours work. One of the first versions, not that bad:
    Just learned about this Finnish version:
    But your turkish child version rules.

  4. Nice Pop Tops video -
    Less inspiring is the version by Stories (Michael Brown, ex-The Left Banke)

  5. Don't forget Faust: