Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nobuhiko Obayashi

I still haven't really seen Nobuhiko Obayashi's Hausu. Looks like a must-see, but for me this probably won't happen until the Criterion DVD comes out. A few months ago it was on Youtube in its entirety, and I remember FFing my way through some of it and thinking how much it looked like a Patrick Nagel illustration come to life. In the meantime I have been enjoying some of Obayashi's earlier works on Ubuweb. WOW. "Confession" (1968) and "Emotion" (1966) are just too good. (Cool music alert.)

Also, while I'm here, what the hell happened to Creel Pone?


  1. If you haven't seen Hausu you are in for an utterly demented treat!
    Thanks for the Ubu tip.

  2. Yeah, I might have to access the movie some less-than-legal way.

    Loving the stuff you're doing on FO.

  3. Ben, leave it with me - I can add it into your package if you like?

  4. Thanks.
    Likewise I'd be happy to mail it.