Sunday, October 31, 2010

Claude Lombard

I am now well and truly beguiled by this album. This song, "Sleep Well," seems to echo and answer Broadcast's "Echo's Answer." Such a haunting melody.


  1. Superb music, magic lyrics full of poetry.

    Any chance to get the whole album for download, Mr. Ben ?

  2. Glad you like it.

    Fabien: I'd like to share the full LP but I would feel a little weird since a new reissue is in print. I really want to support this label. Available very cheaply here:

  3. I wish there was a CD or MP3 or Flac version... It is not a matter of money but I have no material for listening to vinyls. Moreover, I really doubt that the artist herself would get any "royalties" from this reissue unfortunately. Thank you anyway Ben, nice treasure is this album. I will wait for a digital release.

  4. Oh my, that's good. Thanks Ben.

  5. Amazing LP - found it this morning while diggin. Brings me goosebumps. This is one of my greatest finds of this year. Totally awesome, sophisticated, intelligent and forward thinking pop-music. And yes there's an obvious connection between this LP and broadcast.

    Thanks for spreading the love.

    David Chandra

  6. Does this album exist in the digital realm? Though I certainly do need a record player, I can't justify buying one just for this album. I think that reissue may be out of print once again anyway. Any way of getting a digital rip of this? I'm desperate!