Friday, January 13, 2012

Play Orbit

Jasia Reichardt, Play Orbit (1969). I've taken this one out of general circulation and added it to my box of shiny things. Sponsored by the Welsh Arts Council and the ICA, Play Orbit was an "exhibition of toys, games and playables by people who are not professionally involved with the design of playthings, but who work in the field of visual arts." There are some very unusual contributions, including teddy bears with John Betjeman masks??!! If you look at the text accompanying the images, each artist also seems to attempt a definition of the "toy."


  1. Thanks for 256! Just kidding, but watching...and waiting!!

  2. waiting for what? just curious

  3. I love Bertschinger's "topless boxes", totally wanna build some. The boy on the pic seems to like them too (or is he just happy the progressive educators didn't confiscate his toy gun?).

  4. Not that sturdy yes... The junction would have to be similar to that:
    Like Max Bill's Ulmer Hocker (stool) which is pretty sturdy.
    Both would look nice in your house... Do you have a workshop in your garage like everyone in the US (in the movies)?