Wednesday, March 7, 2012


It was fun to look at but it had to come down.

Removing wallpaper to listen to music to remove wallpaper to.


  1. it just kind of made my eyeballs hurt.

  2. I admire the tools & techniques you're using and especially your working garment and safety shoes.

  3. As always, such a fine mixtape. Thanks!
    Any chance of revealing that playlist?

  4. Beautiful mix, great combination of old and new. Will the new wallpaper be hypnagogic?

  5. heh yeah whats the playlist? - nice mix!

  6. We Thrive off the Encantic Dance of Orbs - Explorers
    Nightbiker - Cruisin' the Nightbiker Strip 1977
    Bouganvillea's Shallow Lobe (Premier Desire) – Monopoly Child Star Searchers
    Good Time - Yi Yi Thant/Aung Heina
    I Luden Grotta – Ralph Lundsten
    Electronic Visualization Lab - Marilyn Wulff
    Starswept - Fourth World Magazine
    Snow Canon – Steve Roach
    StarChild's Birth – Fourth World Magazine
    Lam Plearn Toh Lom Nhao - Yenjit Porntawi
    Humming in the Night Skull – Angus MacLise
    From Love With Rushia - Shark Flakes
    Clear – James Ferraro
    Waterfalls Introduction – Monopoly Child Star Searchers
    Observations Through The Halocline Of The Worlds Part V – Dolphins into the Future
    Seagull's Flight – Ducktails
    Away Outdoors – Flower Man

  7. Sweet mix! I meant NAGL wallpaper, btw ha!

  8. There are matching drapes!! A friend is going to sew shorts for us using the fabric.

    Thanks everybody! Painting this weekend.

    Norm -- can't wait to hang IRL.

  9. That is a great title, made me laugh.

  10. A very aquatic selection. I removed wallpaper and then went ahead and converted the room to an indoor pool while listening to this.