Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dinosaurs in the Playground

Hello! Sorry to be away for a while. Marking papers and all that. But I have a treat for you today. My pen pal Andrew Demetrius of Mounds & Circles has just sent me some amazing photos. He recently discovered the Arts on Film Archive, the motherload of streaming British arts documentaries.

One of the films on display is 'Dinosaurs in the Playground,' directed by Clare Calder-Marshall in 1978. It's a film about some progressive longhairs working with London school kids to create a mural and garden play-space.

If you are in territory then you can view the film here. Unfortunately readers outside Britain, myself included, are foiled again. Oh well, the photos look amazing. Huge thanks to Andrew! This is getting me in the mood for London. Be sure to check out Mounds & Circles for a glimpse at Britain's seedy underbelly and much else besides. Andrew is also behind The Decorated School, a research project about the involvement of artists in the design of school buildings in Scotland and elsewhere. (all screen grabs by Andrew - thanks!)


  1. Good stuff! The tires remind me of Allan Kaprow's "Yard" from 1961 (probably a coincidence rather than an influence).

  2. You can watch this using a u.k. proxy, use Tor. Thanks

  3. Nice to see a new post...and a good one at that..
    Cheers, i'll have a look :-)

  4. Best description ever "It's a film about some progressive longhairs working with London school kids to create a mural and garden play-space."!!!!

    Just stumbled on your site & I love it! AMAZING!

  5. Hello! So random, I'm a fan of your flickr and even used one of your collages for a mix once:

    Sorry, hope you don't mind!

    I think I lifted that description straight out of Andrew's email. He has a way with words.

  6. I live in the UK but can't seem to watch the films. It says on the website that you need an domain - can anyone explain/help?



  7. Yeah, I was in the UK last week and I couldn't access the films either. Sorry, wish I could help you!