Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Here is Always Somewhere Else

Just a heads up about this awesome mix made by Molly over at Pattern & Shape. A summer psych/beat sesh with ethno excursions. Totally insane. I got to hear some of these jams driving around Portland with Molly when I visited a few months ago. Had to stifle the impulse to ask what every single song was. This and loads of other great mixes can be found on Molly's soundcloud.

Also, if you missed my visit to Jonny Trunk's OST show a few weeks ago, an mp3 is now archived here. Thanks again to Jonny and Resonance for a very fun time.


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  2. Molly shreds!! Looking forward to hearing your OST show!

  3. I was just listening to Molly's mix today. A cornucopia of nice things from soft psych via Thai beat and French progressive catholic Jesus boy bands to Twee.

    I'm very much looking forward to hear your OST show!

  4. ...... ah the joys of writing a comment without spell checking! I've been very much enjoying these mixes of late! The OST show was even better on second listen - wonderful stuff.

  5. Molly's Mixes are always a fav round here. Now of to listen to your OST mix again. Top stuff indeed.

  6. Molly's mix is badass. Your OST set is no slouch. All killer, no filler on both counts.

  7. Cheers - great post with links that have led me into a whole wee world of lovely lovely listening.

    Oh ...your last mix was much appreciated too :-)

    Cool Blog!