Friday, November 30, 2012

Percussion sounds

There is a fantastic new tumblr out there called I HATE THIS FILM, which delves into the deepest recesses of rare experimental and educational celluloid. Here are a few clips from Pieter Van Deusen's "Percussion sounds" (1968), featuring Emil Richards and co. playing instruments made by Harry Partch, and educator Hardja Susilo jamming out with an elementary school class from Santa Monica(!)


  1. thanks, ben! you know we think toys and techniques is the best.
    thanks, everyone, for checking us out and following! some amazing tumblrs out there.
    more to come....

  2. Wonderful! A great tumblr indeed! (And since I can't comment there: thanks for the link to my TV ident month, i.h.t.f.!)

    1. thanks, dispo! your blog and tv ident month are huge inspirations. (unfortunately, there were only about three i.h.t.f. readers when we linked to your site!)

  3. yes, thanks for all the treasures. i've been waiting and hoping that this blog would happen!