Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pramod Pati

Thanks so much to Catherine for sharing these Pramod Pati vids with me. I love them! I've been reading an Indian novel this week so the stars are definitely in alignment. I don't know much about Pati but apparently he studied in Czechoslovakia with Jiri Trnka. The music alone is just gorgeous. Like Satyajit Ray on acid!

Catherine is from Birmingham and had been good friends with Trish and James before losing Trish. This is hard to say, so I'll try to say it for her, but she's sharing these with Trish very much on her mind and in her heart, and in the spirit of Trish's generosity with the things she discovered and shared with her friends. The spirit of Trish is the spirit of sharing, she says.

Thanks for this, Catherine. Means a lot to me, to us.


  1. ..... best thing I've seen in ages Ben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hi james! yeah, thanks again catherine, nice find. this one is also cool...

  3. Hi Ben...thanks! that FilmsDivision channel is brill

  4. Excellent indeed! Thanks a lot!
    I found this description for "Abid" via a Facebook event by FilmDivision:

    Films Division, 35mm, Colour, 5 min, English, 1972

    'Psychedelic' would be putting it mildly. Made as a collaboration between several artists – Abid Surti (painter, cartoonist, writer and activist), Pramod Pati (film maker), a whole animation team and musician Vijay Raghav Rao, this is a stop-motion animation film in which the artist emerges through a hole in the ground and over the next few minutes he and his space undergo a million crazy changes. This is the most sedate synopsis of this electrifying film.

    ‘Unlike a cartoon film, which is a rapidly moving series of photographed drawings, in pixilation, a moving object is shot frame by frame, and then through clever editing made to appear in motion. By its nature, this movement is agile, energetic and unpredictable just like the pop art movement.’ - Pramod Pati.

    Direction – Pramod Pati
    Camera – HS Kapadia
    Animation – BR Shendge, VK Wankhede, JU Pulekar, Rekha Walavalkar
    Set design – MY Kulkarni
    Sound – SD Patil
    Editing – JS Bandekar
    Music – Vijay Raghav Rao