Saturday, October 26, 2013

Belbury Poly / Spacedog

The always inspiring Belbury Poly teams up with Brighton sound artists Spacedog for the latest Ghost Box 7". I've been listening to it a lot and keep finding new swirls and eddies to get caught up in. I love how Jim Jupp throws the avant garde switch on and off here, like Franco Battiato doing interlude music for ITV schools programmes (He will think I'm crazy but I'm also hearing a little Neneh Cherry in some of these tracks, which I love). And it looks like he has done it again in the form of a new radio mix over at The Belbury Parish Magazine.
Sarah and Jenny Angliss of Spacedog fit right into the house that Ghost Box built -- it would be cool to see all these people in one room performing live. Or only partly 'live'; in addition to theremin and electronics, Sarah Angliss also commands an array of vaudevillian robots and Bruce Lacey-style automata. Read and see more here... Creepy! Perfect!

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