Saturday, May 17, 2014

Peggy Angus

Happy weekend all. I'm enjoying these images of tile and wallpaper by designer Peggy Angus. Such an inspiring life lived through art. These are all hand made -- you can find a lot more images online. She designed tile for Carter and Sons of Poole and some of it was used in school exteriors and interiors after the war. For a long time she rented a shepherd's cottage in the Sussex Downs where she hosted gatherings of artists and friends. It was called Furlongs. There is a very covetable recent book about her life made by Incline Press. She used to like to sing folk songs and this book features a CD of her talking and singing Raggle Taggle Gypsy O. Brilliant!


  1. Ben, you beat me to the punch with this! She did some good school murals too. There's another book about to be released by the Antique Collector's Club, plus and exhibition in Eastbourne. 2014 is good for Angus!

  2. cool, i think the book you gave me mentions peggy angus, the 'decorated schools' project...