Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Lost Noises Office

"Old Mr. Bosseyman is in charge of the 'Lost Noises Office' which is where your toys go if they lose their noise. It's a lovely office, full of all your favourite sounds waiting for their owners to come and collect them." This 1961 children's ep is the brainchild of Desmond Leslie, the RAF pilot and UFO chaser who is famous for punching Bernard Levin on live television (he was defending his playwright wife, whom Levin had savaged in a theater review, and who takes on narrating duties here). You can imagine Leslie in his basement workshop, banging pots and pans, squeezing stuffed animals and fiddling with electronic gizmos. The story is a kind of cautionary tale for small business owners. Mr. Bosseyman goes on a sexual errand and leaves his assistant "Pickles" in charge. Massive quantities of drugs are taken. Animals escape. Somehow order is restored.


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  2. wonderful record, i looooove noises. will probably end up buying it on wax. i can recommend strange to your ears by jim fassett if anyones looking for more noises.