Saturday, June 4, 2011

eBay poetry


A naked woman wakes up in the woods.

A shapely lass, body shape exemplary of her (much healthier) time.

She’s a bit dopy, as if bemused as to her whereabouts.

Totters barefoot across fallen trees.

Of into the forest.

Stands with arms aloft with a leafy twif in hand.

Salutes the sky. Saluting nature? All very ‘Triumph Of The Will’ but
with no clothes.

She moves atround and does this salute again and again.

Totters along another tree trunk.

Lies down for a rest.



  1. The guy's not only a great poet, he also has some serious stuff to sell. I'm really tempted to buy the Lipsett film (and I got hold of a 16mm projector recently).

  2. This guy always has the best movies. For a while he was selling a sci-fi movie with music described as "Broadcast meets Daphne Oram." Can't seem to find it now.

  3. Should have taken the time to check his spelling. Lazy git. 'Pastfinders' sold but if you wanted a killer soundtrack you should have nabbed the copy of 'Under The Rainbow' - Delia Derbyshire meets Matmos at Hampton Court circa 1540 (the year not the time).

  4. Ha, I kind of like the misspellings. Leafy twif. "Under the Rainbow" sounds amazing. Not the Chevy Chase film I take it?

  5. Sorry, the misspellings are no more.

  6. Ah, sorry -- didn't realize it was you. Welcome! Lovely films. I look at your shop all the time. Don't have a projector, sadly.

  7. The chap who took the Lipsett channelled me this way.

    'Frederick' is another fine Lionni short.

    Also 'Fish Is Fish'.