Friday, June 10, 2011

Tomorrow's World

Themes and moods for documentary, scientific and industrial subjects. Boop beep.


  1. Thanks! "Computer Jungle" seems like a quintessential library track to me, almost like a contemporary reconstruction of 70s library music.
    I've been planning to make a Parry mix for a long time. Maybe this is the missing piece that will finally make me realize the idea (I have quite a few PML, but not this one).

  2. Cool, would love to hear the mix.

  3. I'm kind of in love with you for posting this.

    Thanks, from the bottom of my rubber balls.

  4. This is really really good: thank you so much for posting it. Incidentally, I'm sure you know this, but it's worth pointing out that "Moving Parts" serves as the main source for Advisory Circle's great fake PIF, "Get in the Swim," from his first EP for Ghost Box. It's an unassuming little number, and I kept thinking, this elusive piece is really familiar until it suddenly hit me. But I gotta say it's the Nardini piece that takes first prize for me. Thanks again!

  5. Yeah, I love this one. Lines up really well with Jon's aesthetic. I love that ep.

  6. Big up Parry Love...nice work Ben...

    I've put together a compilation of Golden Parry Music Moments (76-86) for an upcoming (August) vinyl release on my label Public Information... keep em peeled! Here.. and elsewhere

  7. I'm curious, what's the copyright situation with this (excellent) collection?

  8. Oliver, glad you're curious! I've tracked down John Parry (of Parry music unsurprisingly) and John Gale (of Studio G fame) who owns the rights to the collection and am licensing 20+ tracks for release. Fully remastered from originals.

    It's Sounding great!

    1. @Public Information : what's up with this project of releasing a comp' of Golden Parry Music Moments on vinyl ? I'm very interested.
      Cheers !