Friday, August 12, 2011

Her What Would Sing

Ať Žijí Duchové - Jaroslav Uhlíř
Karjase pühapäev - Reet Hendrikson
Electro Gavotte - Adrian Wagner
L'hiver - Catherine Lara
Smiling - Darling
Fruit of Paradise - Zdenek Liska
Secrets of the Deep - P. Reno
Frogman - Reynold Weidenaar
The Guna Song - Ann Ree Colton
Mr. Fox - Mr. Fox
Kui mina alles noor veel olin - Reet Hendrikson
Μάγισσες - Lena Platonos
Longue Naissance - Claude Yvans
Rain - Eighth Penny Matter
La longue route - Claude Yvans
Maybe one day (version 1) - Band of Holy Joy
Interplanetary Broadcast - Reynold Weidenaar
Haunted Harpsichord - Reynold Weidenaar
Not Another Night - Sapphire Thinkers
Sound Images 15 - Wendy Cook and Alan Coggins

her what would sing to me


  1. ..... as always, so looking forward to hearing this! I should really get my act together and do a mix soon.

  2. I just listened to your marvellous mix. Doing the dishes never felt more folkadelic.
    Where are the Reynold Weidenaar pieces from? I checked out his (amazing) website, but the audio files seem to be offline.

  3. They're from a library record on Synchro Fox. #1025 I think.

  4. Hey! Great mix, really enjoyed it!

  5. Thanks for the information, Ben, I'll try to find that record...

  6. Hi Ben,
    Brilliant. Thanks!!! So far the standouts for me are Reet Hendrikson and the second Claude Yvans track--but really, all great. Do you have the Hendrikson LP?

  7. Yeahhhhh - thanks, twas ace - I was working in france whilst listening to this, and it was just the kind of atmosphere i didnt know i needed!

  8. Lovely mix. pouring with rain at the mo. But your mix and the rain seem to be working very well together. Really enjoying it.

  9. Thanks everybody for listening!

  10. Excellent, as ever.
    Hendrikson makes me feel uneasy in the most pleasant way possible.

  11. finally got around to checking this out. great work! i could have sworn sapphire thinkers were the bats in a minimal synth mode until i saw this record came out in 1969! i think i need to have my ears realigned.

  12. Beautiful. Thank you.