Friday, April 13, 2012


S for Sylvester. I can't remember whether I've mentioned this album before. This will appeal to some of you not at all and some of you quite a lot. But I've been thinking about British jazz lately. 'Filigree' is by Johnny Hawksworth, who I think was actually Australian. There's a bit of Basil in this sauce, in the way the music tells a story. It's funny how the music of the Angry Young Men generation tends to be light as a feather. To me this is the sound of a certain era -- maybe you'd put this record on after an Easter march for the CND or something. There are some spooky cinematic cues here and there but mainly this is sylvan baroque jazzy loveliness. Happy Friday the 13th!


  1. This is delightful: this year's manifestation of spring beauty comparable to last year's stunning Michelangelo post. Also, a very nice pairing with Hawksworth's low-key ensemble that continuo posted. Thank you for this and also for your very nice Spirit of the Beehive soundtrack. Happy Spring, Ben.

  2. Ah nice connection! It is a beautiful spring day here -- where the hell are my sunglasses?

  3. Thanks Ben!!

    Happy friday the 13th to you as well!!

  4. Lovely little baroque LP, my persoanl favourite is the title track which evokes imagery of someone walking through a foggy wheat field before something otherworldly happens to them in an early Hammer Horror movie. Enchanting atmospherica.

  5. Thanks September! i like your mixcloud mixes!

    1. Thanks Ben. I really enjoyed the Strike mix...left a comment on it. Please do some more !

  6. I must say, this is one of the loveliest and most inspiring/thought-provoking blogs I have had the pleasure of stumbling across! Thank you for all the work you do and the goodness you provide!