Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Greetings from Ellowen Deeowen. Having great time and -- what is this? -- is this actually the sun I'm seeing this morning? So nice meeting Jonny Trunk and the folks at Resonance yesterday. Really lovely in fact. We did a prerecord for the OST show, which will air this Saturday (16 June), 4:30-6:30 London time. Listen here. I think Resonance also has a podcast if you look around. It was so much fun sitting at Jonny's feet as he needle-dropped possible upcoming Trunk releases. Afterwards ambled over to the Tate Modern for amazing Oskar Fischinger retrospective (pic above). Thanks for the tip Molly!


  1. Lookin forward to it, and lucky you getting to go on OST!

  2. Very much looking forward to hearing this Ben!

  3. Whoa! OST curator?!! That is amazing. Looking forward to the listening session.

  4. Cool - may catch the podcast if available!

  5. Sitting here listening to you on The OST show. Lovely mixes.

  6. Fantastic Ben! It was the best program I've heard on the radio for ages!!!!!!!

  7. Does anyone know when it will be available as podcast online? I missed it and would really love to hear it.

  8. hi everybody, thanks very much for listening! jonny said something about sending me an mp3. will inquire...

    1. Hi Ben, I caught the last half of the show and it was amazing! Would love to grab an mp3 of it (if you hear back from Jonny, of course). Cheers!

  9. Any chance you could post Giorgio Carnini's Trait D'Union LP? That one song you played is sublimely sad.

  10. this episode of OST is now up here:

    thanks jonny, and thanks resonance!

    circa: yeah, I think i have that album on my computer. working on it...

  11. thanks, Ben!

    if you have time, the tracklist will be appreciated! I can hardly hear some track names (english is not my native language)

  12. I'll try, but I think I lost the sheet of paper it was all written on. Let me have a look...

    Circa: here's a link for Giorgio Carnini, Trait D'Union

  13. Idaho Transfer clip
    Mikre Isha clip
    Discontinuo – Guiliano Sorgini
    Laul juurviljadest – R. Kangro
    Inside Out
    Secret Ceremony
    Carol Emshwiller in a film by Ed Emshwiller – Ed Emshwiller
    ? – Suzanne Ciani
    Ať Žijí Duchové - Jaroslav Uhlíř
    The Witches and the Grinnygog opening theme – James Harpham
    The Sun and the Moon and the Stars – Courtyard Music Group
    16mm Earrings – Meredith Monk
    Winter Sun Wavelengths – Broadcast
    Le Ultime Parole Di Brandimant – Le Stelle di Mario Schifano
    Red Shift - Phil Ryan
    Je Derve Avec Láir – Yoran
    Sky Dance – Elizabeth Swados
    Cocoa Song… The Moon over the Alley
    Five Songs of William Blake: Little Fly – Christopher Steel
    My Beautiful Laundrette – Ludus Tonalis
    The Last Chapter intro – Gordon Rose
    Nebbie – Lamartine
    The Grasshopper and the Ant – Brian Gascoigne/David Vorhaus
    Result – Barry Stoller
    Virgin Mary Had a One Son – The Retreat Singers
    Jak vytrhnout velrybě stoličku (1977)
    Le chaudronnier colporteur - Ensemble Vocal et Instrumental de l'Ecole Normale de Lyon
    Canon – Giorgio Carnini
    Plastics – Carl Stone
    Xatirələr sahili (1972) - Xəyyam Mirzəzadə
    Spirit of the Beehive (burning letters scene) – Luis de Pablo
    Ultra Sonic Perceptions – Eric Siday
    The Monitors - ?
    Under Milkwood clip
    Volání rodu – Zdenek Liska
    Children Make Music
    Sky Hunter (Look and Read)
    Sprouting Seed – Ken Melville