Saturday, February 23, 2013

Video Musica No. 1

Enjoying this slightly ominous looking record at the moment. Actually it's not ominous at all, although perhaps it is a bit surprising at times. One of the things I really like about it is its combination of a futuristic title with quirky medieval sounds. It's made by a man named Enrico Cortese. Some of it sounds a bit Jan Svankmajer with its swirling organs and percussion calisthenics, like a bunch of toys come to life. But then at other times it opens out onto larger vistas of sound, as if you're looking at some awesome ruin in a foreign land. I think of this as a landscape record in the vein of Abstractions of the Industrial North or Francesco de Masi's fantastic India soundtrack. Only Cortese doesn't seem to have any worldly place in mind -- to me the record works as a kind of wordless audio tour to some imaginary future/past. I guess that's how all my favorite library records work in a way.

Oh, and T&T turns three this week! Crazy.


  1. Wow !!! Bon anniversaire au meilleur blog du monde alors !!! I was listening again to old mixes from you this week (aspirin constellation, strike, house unamerican cooking, melee tapir...) and it's really amazing and inspiring stuffs. Merci beaucoup pour ces "activités lumière".

  2. Wow indeed. Fantastic composing, arrangements and recording! Most importantly: Happy birthday Toys and Techniques! Thanks for all the amazing things you post, Ben!