Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yorkshire Film Archive

Wow, the Yorkshire Film Archive is so great! Fully streamable and so much variety. Lots of amateur films and even some so-bad-it's-good comedies, student productions, adverts, etc.

Too many to choose from, but here are my picks so far:
Ower Bit Bog Oil (1963-1964)
Rays (1944) 
I'm a Member of a Family (1968) ... about Woodcraft Folk/Kibbo Kift
Hickling Family During the War (1944)
Heritage of Skill (1962) 
The Potential Graduate (1968) University of Bradford promo film 


  1. An absolute goldmine; thanks so much for this,

    it's a wonder that 'tippin' game isn't a national phenomenon.

    This was a masterpiece:

    Kelly's Eye (1972)

    the inspiration for Kieslowski's Camera Buff

  2. don't know why the link doesn't work:

    1. Hi Ben. Wow, that's a good one! Some excellent fashion/comb over inspiration. I like the rhyming narration...

  3. I'm friends with this archive... they're one of the best in the world. I am using a few of their films in Teenage. Check out their Memory Bank project.

    1. Hey Matt. Yeah, it seems like that archive would be super useful for you. I actually just checked out Savage's Teenage book from the library and started reading. Cool book! Great couple of pages on the Woodcraft Folk (new obsession).

    2. Hi Matt, thanks for the good words about YFA - keep them coming. Be good to talk sometime about Memory Bank, important work, lots to explore re memory, interpretation, curation. meantime more YFA footage online soon.

  4. most consistent quality, indeed.
    keep up the great work, sue and the rest of the yfa staff!
    thanks for sharing as always, ben!