Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Another coastal find... this Hélène Martin LP, a musical setting of Louis Aragon's poem about Pablo Neruda. So far I have not gone wrong buying Hélène Martin records. This one sounds a bit like Brigitte Fontaine without the random cackling, or maybe like a TV special about poetry with weird chanson folk flourishes. And of course it's all very French. Or Chilean. Plus there are lots of pictures on the inside of Neruda and his partner Matilde (I like the selfie above).

The photos of the players are also great. Nice to see Jean Cohen-Solal make an appearance, but I must say the attention-grabber here is Mireille Rivat, who takes care of vocal duties for the songs in Spanish. Haven't heard of her before but I am entranced by her expression in the photo below. Really love the song in the second half of the clip, especially when Cohen-Solal drops the one-finger organ part.

* aragon / élégie à pablo neruda *


  1. Ouais c'est chaud!. Love his phlegmy interjections. The way he rolls his R's reminds me of Brassens )

  2. 'Phlegmy Interjections,' new weekly column by Andrew Demetrius.

    Man, the key track here is Dejé mis bienes terrenales. So beautiful...

  3. I've been looking at your blog for almost two hours post amazing things, thanks!

  4. I think you could totally wear the haircut/glasses/shirt combination of Jean-Guy Coulange.

  5. well my shirt is already unbuttoned so i might as well...