Wednesday, August 28, 2013

James Broughton

There is a new documentary out called Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton, directed by Stephen Silha and Eric Slade. Looks great! Broughton was a poet and filmmaker, the mischievous goat-god of the west coast, bard of the Radical Faeries. I really love his stuff. A cinema of eros is the best I can do to describe it, a life-long celebration of cavorting nudes and furry body parts, the earthy pleasures of art, sex, poetry, music, etc. This DVD is really great, and there are a few of his films up on youtube.

I put together some of my favorite music from his films here. If you like harpsichord and moog doodlings, micronesian flute and gamelan and conch shell tone poems then you might be into it. Lou Harrison is the key dude here -- some of his (unreleased?) fourth world-scapes sound like Dolphins into the Future or Spencer Clark.

Enjoy, and as Big Joy said, always 'follow your weird!'

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