Wednesday, November 6, 2013

a set of lazy psychedelia... these are the songs i'm humming lately. wanted this to sound a bit like the tomorrow come someday soundtrack.

twilighters - nothing can bring me down
principal edwards magic theatre - asmoto running band
the british north-american act - the world would understand
chris britton - will it last
tomassini, fidenco, donimak, lolavirsi - autostrada di sera
mourning phase - contrived
neighb'rhood childr'n - happy child
elecampane - water
lallo gori - la morte scende leggera
emma myldenberger - wassensteyn's hochzeitnacht
mireille rivat - dejé mis bienes terrenales
wiliam bukový - kristove roky (excerpt)
jana matysová - chlapec s planou růží
courtyard music group - bonny labouring boy
inca cola (advert)
PRE-Be-UN - ecosystems (excerpt)
woorden - the other side of the mountain
dr. strangely strange - strangely strange but oddly normal
kaguya hime and snowfall south - princess kaguya drunken
vijay rhagava rao - recollections
october cherries - dreamseller
ultimate spinach - sacrifice of the moon
the advancement - child at play

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  1. Just previewed in mixcloud & then immediately downloaded - this is great! Thank you, Ben.

  2. Thanks... I really like Sculptural Macramé too!

  3. Late to the game on this but is there any chance for a re-upload? Terrific mix.

    1. thanks, jeff. here you go