Wednesday, January 29, 2014

atelier de molécules

Here are some new favorite songs. Just some fun, bouncy stuff to help get through the winter. There are some proggy, Stereolab-y bits, an outsider love song, some new age, a Romanian children's ballet from 1978, loopy cassette electronics, and the sounds I can't forget from films I've been watching. Enjoy!

ahmad zahir - naza che maykhande
mike ratledge - riddles of the sphinx (film clip)
chief kooffreh - love games pt 1
dennis larouchelle - trois exercises sur l'ecran d'epingles d'alexeieff
matthew young - forest of lilacs
brave new world - alpha, beta, gamma, delta
richard rosmini - the hello machine (film clip)
pierrot lunaire - giovane madre
chuck & mary perrin - babe can you see
ron kuivila - blurred genres
chitra & jagjit singh - arth (film clip)
picky picnic - my life 1.2.3.
syrinx - secret weapons (early david cronenberg film)
jane arden - figures in white (film clip, 'anti-clock' 1979)
liana alexander/serban nichifor - the snow queen
rick crane - the fact
david bedford, kevin ayers et al. - the garden of love


  1. At Wesleyan University I took Ron Kuivila's introduction to experimental music class. One of the best classes ever. I learned so much. I still use what I learned from him today when I listen to new, outsider music.

  2. Love this! Thank you. First time I've heard Chief Kooffreh. Do you know much about him? I can't find much online...

    1. Thanks, Emily. I don't know too much about Chief... I heard him on Jason Elbogan's great WFMU show. I do really like that song though. If you search for him on Amazon, you can basically find his life's work, all with nearly identical album covers...

    2. scroll down and check out the song about miley cyrus. so awesome!

    3. Haha amazing! I checked out a few last night--one about Princess Diana and another about alley cats, so to speak-- but hadn't heard this one yet. Quite a character.

  3. Argh ! I've missed it! Ben, can you upload this in a way we could download it again? I really want to listen to it on my walkman.

    Oh and I'm really sorry because I still haven't send you the package I've promised you, sorry it takes so long but the last weeks have gone so fast. I will send it to you as soon as possible. I hope you're doing well with your baby and your house. Best wishes. Tom

    1. hi tom, here you go:

      hope you're doing well -- best of luck with the freinet project

  4. Great stuff,as always just one post on your blog can send me off in all kinds of directions! - Currently checking out Liana Alexander's Youtube channel. Cheers!

  5. Thank you so much Ben! So great stuff on it! As usual.

  6. Thnk you very much! from Argentina always is a enormous pleasure been here.Saludos

  7. Hi Ben, great mix. So many things to discover as usual. I'm super into the Hello Machine track (and that AT&T YouTube channel is great, just checked out some stuff there recently). The Riddles of the Sphinx soundtrack hardly left my turntable since I got it a couple of weeks ago.

    1. Thanks man, hope you guys are doing well!

  8. Hi, I missed this and it looks amazing!! Is it uploaded anywhere? I´d love to have it/listen to it.
    Thanks in advanced and best regards,