Sunday, January 12, 2014

J.M. Francino

Very rare private issue Spanish soundtrack oddity here. Crazy synth squalls give way to medieval Catalan folk refrains... meanwhile a disembodied female vocal melody floats over strange celestial kosmische electronics... before it all takes a turn toward a catchy bossa lounge set. All very weird and unsettling but very beautiful. J.M. Francino is a Spanish artist who made and scored a number of underground experimental films in the late 70s and early 80s. This album, released in 1986 on a micro-press, is a collection of four or five of those soundtracks. If you enjoy mp3s of hard-to-find records this will definitely be your thing. It's flawed of course but there are some really amazing alchemical moments here. Somewhere between Jodorowsky and Lard Free I reckon. Francino also has a very charming website which harks back to the early days of the internet. Some great pictures and memorabilia of the artist, who appears to be quite a Beatles fan among other things.



  1. Great find!
    Did you see this early synth bit too on his website?
    I also have a weak spot for this one: (click on CD)

  2. nice, i didn't see that one. his website is so old school and fun.

  3. hey norm! yeah the music, she is beautiful.

  4. Thanks for the music Ben, and really thanks for all the great stuff on your blog.

    greetings from Mexico!