Monday, March 3, 2014

Jacqueline Thibault

I recently acquired a copy of one of my favorite records, Galaxies by Laurence Vanay (AKA Jacqueline Thibault). Which would be good news except that the record is completely warped! Oh well, the photos of Thibault are really nice. If you don't know this record, check it out. Super amazing dreamy French folk. Scheming some misadventure along these lines, will let you know how it goes...


  1. - you don't need to go to those lengths, a couple of pieces of window glass somewhere sunny would do it.
    For real vinyl misadventures, check out cleaning records with wood glue.

  2. Amazing! So you got the original? Wow! I think I wrote down the name from one of your mixes (?). These magnifique pics are a great reminder to get at least the reissue.

  3. Yeah, it's OG, but pretty much unplayable. I may as well put my shoe on the turntable.

    The reissue looks cool but I haven't heard it yet. I think there are actually two competing reissues? One of them has demo versions and non-album tracks.

  4. I guess you already know it, but FWIW: Lion Productions just reissued "Evening Colors" and "Galaxies.

    1. These reissues look great! I think these are the ones with extra tracks (maybe only on CD?). Light in the Attic Records also has a Galaxies reish.

    2. Hi Ben, Lion Productions released them as LP as well.
      The bonus tracks are just on the cd version and can also be found on the best of Laurence released on her own label (mostly tracks from Glaciers).
      Thanks for your blog by the way!


  5. Love this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Cool, glad you like. looks like there is a download here for those that want to listen

  7. Damn, had no idea until now they were reissued. Man we were jamming this stuff years ago, and it was always far out of reach. Sweet, going to have to grip the reissues!

  8. I worked a bit on the reissues.
    -a few info:
    The label is Lion Productions. Light in the attic is only the distributor.
    Extra tracks are only on the CD versions. Most are not on the Best Of!
    Both LP and CD are gorgeous, sound is IMO better than on the OG vinyls.
    The first press for both formats is almost sold out.

    Thanks to the early fans!