Saturday, March 8, 2014

Some new tunes for Feb/March. World music, oceanic music (?) through a warped lens. This is going to sound pretentious but the vibe here was partially inspired by this fascinating Michael Taussig interview, where he talks about the sun, the night, extreme heat, darkness, coca chewing, Walter Benjamin, etc.

Daniel Kobialka – Organic Eternity
Michio Mamiya - ?
George Garside – Landscapes
Pankaj Mullick - Yeh Raaten Yeh Mausam
Watch Out! Part One – Black Joker
Manirat Kaeosadet & Sunthon Chairungrueang – Toel Bam
DSR Lines – Draaling
Bruzdowicz Bogaert – Homo Faber
Ann Southam – Sea Still
1983 Telediario 3
Barry Schrader – Gallery 3
Japanese Genius - Pikah ô Papikah 2
James Ferraro – Diminishing Shrine Recycles
Old Enough (film clip, 1984)
Ojas – Seven Levels of Man
Patrick Cowley – Pagan Rhythms
Cos – Oostend Oostend
Marielle V Jakobsons – Dusty Trails
Mariah - 心臓の扉



  1. so good! can't identify the michio mamiya track, but it reminds me so much of those elizabeth swados soundtracks for faith hubley.

    1. do you know michio mamiya's music? would love to hear more. love the thing you just posted.

    2. glad you liked the post! i don't know anything about mamiya (aside from what i learned via google). where'd you find this track?

  2. Hello, Just found out about your blog and your mixes.
    Any chance of a re-up of the old ones (I keep hearing Video Wedding At The Freex is pretty good).
    Thx in advance

    1. cheers. here's freex:

  3. magic mix ben - sinjin sets sail, lovely! hope you are all well . . . . nearly equinox time :)

  4. hi, please excuse my question as it's not about this paticular post but about your blog as a whole, maybe a silly question but once on your blog I heard someone refer to the kind of music on this blog as something with the word (scope) in it, I can't for the life of me remember what the word is but they used it to describe the music on this blog as a genre, could you tell me what it is as I really like it and would like to search out more?

  5. Good question. I love Trunk Records and Broadcast and Ghost Box records, so those are some places to start. And all of the blogs on my sidebar are worth checking out.

  6. thanks for yet another nice mix. i will enjoy it while trying to fix my car this weekend (i'll need something calm to counter any frustrations haha). cheers! -chuck

  7. Thanks, Ben for this lovely mix!

  8. thanks for listening r. kind of a weird mix ha ha.

  9. Haha, I somnolently lost track of the tracklist at one point. Is there one really really long track at some point? Will re-listen today.

  10. Fantastic mix! I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for posting.

  11. Thanks, Ben, for 256!

  12. PS - Your work is appreciated.