Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Sinjin's first trip to California. He did great on the plane and we all had a lot of fun seeing family and friends. I think he really liked the lifestyle out there, maybe too much. His little sun hat kept falling over his face. Sinjin met his little cousin Owen and his great-grandfather and namesake Jonathan, aged 100 (Sinjin is short for St. John). That was a really special moment. I'm looking at these photos and can already see how much he's grown since last week.


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    1. Thanks Tom. I've forgotten, how old is yours now?

  2. These pics are beautiful Ben, I really think the one of Sinjin meeting his great grandpa is so touching - over all the miles I can feel so much warmth from these shots. Thanks for sharing these special moments!

    1. thanks catherine. he was a big hit at great grandpa's retirement home, smiling at everyone in sight.

  3. Hi Ben! Jeanette is almost 2 years old now (her birthday is on the 29th of this month). :-)