Friday, November 26, 2010

Snow monkeys, nymphs, etc.

Coolest ebay auction ever. Weird Super 8 and 16mm films about pink Japanese snow monkeys, woodland nymphs, British children painting, and that film about snow with music by Daphne Oram.

There's also an AMAZING looking 70s documentary about an Islington playground. No pics, but check out the unusually lengthy and detailed item description, which pretty nearly walks through the film line by line, image by image.

"Even a small bit of tarmac is not safe for children: a group of 1970s urchins jump aside as a car horn toots at them as they play in their estate’s car park."

“Like a modern day pied piper of Hamelin, she led a march to lay claim to the land.”

“In the adventure playground you can build things, swing, paint…know what I mean.”

!!! Now all I need is a projector and a 90% discount please?


  1. Woah! ebay item descriptions as poetry. Amazing.
    "He was monkey the first to ever venture into the water./He liked it./By 1970, all the other monkeys had joined him."

  2. "Some relax.

    Some play.

    Some clean and tidy each others' fur.

    Some was fruit and eat.

    Some keep a look out, high above in trees."

  3. I really like that one is simply labelled "????????????????"

  4. It's a good thing ??????????? is one of my Ebay saved searches.

  5. I used to live in Islington and am fascinated by the description about the playground documentary. Obviously I'd love to see it, but reading the dialogue my imagination fills in the images with surprising ease. Wonderful. Cheers Ben :)

  6. In the world of my mind this film has fantastic music.