Monday, November 22, 2010

Eric Siday

Midcentury sound logos for your Orangina-sponsored art opening or training session. The vibe here is very Expo 67.

Also, for those of you who like mixes this page is kinda fun. Cool to see what people are listening to these days.


  1. Fun fact- Eric Siday purchased the second Moog ever.

    I have Sounds of Now 2 as well, you've inspired me to convert into mp3.

  2. This is magnificent stuff. Cracklespanglespark!

  3. Some of the sounds remind me of this:

  4. I think that's Siday too, maybe from this album?

    Check it:

  5. Where is vol. 2 thanks.

    Hey Ben!

  6. The Screen Gems logo IS Eric Siday's work. I heard he even recorded a violin part and reversed it on the recording. Do you guys know any more about him or know where I can read more about him? Due to his efforts he deserves a much more celebrated profile than what he's been given.

    BTW, are any of you going to post an mp3 of the 2nd Sounds of Now collection? The 1st one is awesome!