Tuesday, November 30, 2010


70s Christian folk weirdness from Ann Ree Colton's Niscience lay ministry. Pretty catchy! According to their promotional literature, the school of Niscience (NISH-ence) aims to develop a "knowledge of your personal angels and how to work with them" through "the study of the seven genesis levels and the family-atom." An additional awesome goal is to "interpret the 'hard sayings' of Jesus." Ann Ree Colton and her partner Jonathan Murro also made and sold really cool art (see below.) Ann Ree is in the pink toga.


  1. Great song! How does the rest of the record compare? Thanks.

  2. Very nice. I can imagine Broadcast covering this one.

  3. Yeah I like this song a lot. I just looked at the liner notes and apparently the songwriter is someone named Belim Herman, rather than Colton. There are a few other churchy-sounding singer-songwriter numbers and some bad male chorus songs on the album. This is "the" track.