Wednesday, May 5, 2010

O Fat White Woman

I can't take any credit for this next installment in our little radiophonic dossier: Delia's gorgeous soundtrack for "O Fat White Woman," a BBC Play For Today episode from 1971. As you see I can't even find a proper photograph for it. I had heard rumors of its existence on this fine website. A few internet searches later and still hadn't found a torrent or anything. Was dangerously near paying someone for a crappy DVDr when lo! there it was, posted in the comments section of a blog. I am hoping this person comes forth to claim ownership of this amazing rip. Hopefully the present post will draw him or her out of hiding. Oh, and about the soundtrack: it's great! Enjoy, and please raise a glass for its original uploader. (And if that happens to be you, A) thank you! and B) I would be more than happy to take this link down if you wish.)

Be sure to check A Sound Awareness for a journey to the nether dimension of UK sci-fi title sequences, and Unmann-Wittering for more drool-worthy Derbyshire artefacts.


  1. hi,

    really enjoy your posts. great stuff....and addictive.
    any chance you could re-up this? really need to hear it!


  2. No problem, here's a new link:

  3. this looks fascinating, could you re-up for a delia completist?

  4. I have no idea whether you're even 'round here anymore but if you could PLEASE post a new link to this TV play. I'm dying to see it as a huge fan of both Delia Derbyshire and William Trevor.