Saturday, August 14, 2010


Story adaptation and sleeve design by Rachel Percival, 1967. Music by Peter Wishart.

Band 5: Mother of Grendel. Slow, twisted and grotesque movements in all directions (especially backwards), stopping in different shapes...always listening. Practise holding different shapes.

Band 6: Battle II. Slow, strong movement in all directions using the whole body. Slow motion fighting with swords. For Beowulf's Magic Sword, use both hands on the handle: practise body slowly curving and arching in all directions; balancing on one leg, lean over in different directions; keep the sword slowly swinging all the time. In pairs, choose either Beowulf or the She-Monster (sword against claws), all in slow motion.


  1. Wow. It is a little known fact that I played Beowulf in a school production in 1979. My opening line was 'We come in peace to visit King Hrothgar. I am Beowulf, King Of The Danes'. I was 10.

    Welcome back.

  2. That is how I will remember you from now on, Paul.

  3. wow id really really love to hear this whole album. Any chance of a rip? let me know thanks!!!

  4. I would but my copy is so warped and scratchy that those were pretty much the only two tracks I could squeeze out of it.