Saturday, August 21, 2010

La fleur de vie

This record reminds me of going on school field trips to see Mummenschanz, who for some reason often toured through the college town where I grew up. It's intended for children's music and movement exercises, but being French and from the 70s it fires off very different associations than the post-war British things I've been posting. More stretchy unitard than plimsolls and shorts, if you know what I mean. I always seem to find one of these Unidisc records when I visit Montreal. Never all at once, just here and there like buried treasures in record and book shops. This is one is my favorites. It's like a sound college of ethnic percussion, winds, narration, field recordings and electronic effets aimed at conjuring up magical forests and "tourbillon dans l'espace." Here's the side-long track where everything comes together as a kind of mini radio-play.

*soundclip taken down*

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  1. That Mummenschanz clip is amazing, can't wait to hear the music.