Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I received the sweetest care package from Raffael of Dispokino a few weeks ago. Dispokino is one of my favorite blogs, and so I knew I was in for a treat as I opened this mysterious package with a Swiss return address and a certain telltale heft. Surprise packages full of completely ungoogleable Swiss records are always a good thing! Two of them were tobacco themed, including this Marlboro giveaway produced by Stephen Sulke of L'oeil bleu fame (recently reissued). Such a great song for dancing around to. Come to flavor with Marlboro!

The other records included another cigarette promo (the sleeveless one below) which can be sampled here, a charity record recorded by blind students hoping to fund a summer camp, and another Swiss children's record with A+ graphic design and, erm... B+ music. I could be wrong but I believe Raffael found these all on the same day trolling through the mountains in Switzerland casually looking for records. Thank you!


  1. Just want to wish you happy holidays - happy holidays!

    Also, the L'Oeil Bleu soundtrack is wonderful & everyone should go track it down :-)

  2. Thanks for the feature, Ben! I'm glad you liked my little package. And thanks again for your package - we should continue our transatlantic exchange in the name of friendship among the peoples. I wish you happy holidays (might be a good time to learn smoking Marlboros and brush up your Swiss German by singing along Tirlitänzli Chatzeschwänzli?).

  3. Happy holidays, Holly and Dispo!

  4. ooh those look great. Tirlitänzli Chatzeschwänzli!

  5. the same day i was thinking about maybe searching for this advert tune, well inspired by Funky Frolics commercials offers etc., and by all serendipity roll around your blog and...
    -since 71(?)whistling that melody, had the 45', don't remember the other side, or is this the Bside? I find your blog very cool and certainly will dig it with pleasure, and allready thank yous for the Flavor back (btw at that around time was smoking Priméros too!)
    bonnes salutations

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