Sunday, December 18, 2011


Stumbled upon this the other day whilst Christmas shopping. Film/TV music for driving around France with a very long scarf trailing behind, on your way to your next jewelry heist. Followed by two delicate folksy guitar numbers. Music by Pier Cadet et al. Oh the power of the blank stock record sleeve!

I've had to start a new Soundcloud account because there's just no room in the old one, and hasn't been for some time (sorry for having to erase so many songs...) Have a good weekend!


  1. The only Sonorop release which has ever been fully shared is this one:

    [Sonorop] SONO 3030 - Steve Laurent & Pierre Duclos - Ondes Martenot

    By your policy, I guess this one won't be either, but... that's your choice to make.

  2. And that 3030 is one of the best library albums what im hear till now.
    Thanks for nice tracks.

  3. @litlgrey
    Please tell me where has "SONO 3030 - Ondes Martenot" been shares?
    I want download and check the music buty I can't fidn any refrence to this album on the net.
    Please share it with me.


  4. vraiment trop cool!
    And "Sonorop" is my favorite word now.

  5. yeah, i like that word too! sounds like something spelled backwards...