Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lights, karma, action! So many new Indian underground film discoveries to share. I'm pretty out of my depth here but sometimes that's a good place to be. And now without further delay a few favorite youtubes I've been watching. The first one is from Satyajit Ray's Company Limited. Go to 11:35 for a mocked-up advertisement with cool radiophonic music. Sort of like a southern hemispheric Mad Men sequence... very Saul Bass.

And then this next clip is from a film called Calcutta 71. Crazy acid-fried Marxist dialectics... Love the garage band with light show beginning 1:05:30.


  1. Thanks Ben! Really very wonderful, I can't begin to imagine how many amazing moments there are in all these films and when they're not doing mind bending, they are just incredibly beautiful!

  2. Fascinating stuff! I'm glad the old lady at 1:05:58 likes the garage band too and let's them play that drum break.