Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summerhill USA

Richard Bull, Summerhill USA (Penguin, 1970).

"I think the whole business about free schools having to be full of love is just nonsense. It should be full of regard for each other. But it just can't be all loving because human beings have all kinds of feelings, including love. We try to have an environment where hostility is an acceptable emotion. We try to have things available and everywhere handy for expressing hostility safely. Tearing newspapers and kicking and squashing boxes, egg cartons or eggshells, things to throw and things to hit, all the time handy." -- Phillis Fleishman


  1. squashing eggshells, this book looks wonderful!

  2. Oh yes!
    I like the jig saw philosophy.

  3. Nice one! I have a similar book on the original UK Summerhill; must scan and post one day...