Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Electric Eden

Really looking forward to Rob Young's new book Electric Eden, out this summer on Faber & Faber. Looks to be amazing, promising a cultural history of visionary British folk (Trees, Comus, Shirley Collins, etc.) and the ages-old cultural ferment out of which it grows. Rob also tells me that UK television and film (The Changes, The Owl Service, Penda's Fen, The Wicker Man) also get a look-in. Rob's blog, from which the above photo is taken, should be right up your street if you are reading this.

I also wanted to direct your attention to a fabulous mix -- devoted to another visionary, Canadian children's music guru R. Murray Schafer -- over at Continuo. Sublime stuff, and one of many great mixes from an effortlessly cool blog. There's a great photo posted there of one of Schafer's colleagues Hildegard Westerkamp. Where do you find this stuff, man?


  1. Thanks, but there's no reason I shall be the only one to blush here. Just so you know: your blog has been a refreshing read and an inspiration for me in 2010, as Toys and Technique has helped me come to terms with some of my own prejudices, reconciling me with library music, BBC Radiophonic Workshop productions or Hauntology. Not only this, but the very form of music you post have been thought-provoking to me: 30mn mixes, music from TV commercials (Nescafé!), crappy sounds from YouTube, etc. I also admire the way you manage to hop from movies to vintage graphism, from music to literature and beyond. This is what a blog should be: carving your own freedom niche on the internet and expanding it on a daily basis. Keep on the good work.

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