Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Protecting Nature's Estate

O Fat White Woman (Play for Today)
Flight of the Raven - Emerald Web
Volání rodu konec - Zdeněk Liška
The Grasshopper and the Ant - Brian Gascoigne/David Vorhaus
Sheila - The Fates
Sound and Silence - John Paynter & Peter Aston
Pour celui qui viendra - Marie Laforêt
Our Lady of the Sphere - Lawrence Jordan
The Lion's Worst Enemy; The Bird's Advice to the Astrologer - Brian Gascoigne/David Vorhaus
N.R.E. - Mark Hale
Symphony of Amaranths - Neil Ardley
Panels V - Paul Turner
Harvard Square Continuing Drama for Radio - WBUR
Satellite X 37 - Gerhard Narholz
Caratteristici - Mario Migliardi
The Mouse's Invitation Cards - Brian Gascoigne/David Vorhaus



  1. Excellent stuff as usual, Ben. Thank you.

  2. Lovely mix and some utterly charming sounds. I'm definitely in the mood for more educational records.

  3. I dont suppose that you could feel the burning desire to post the complete Shy Cormorant lp that you've confettied over the mix ?{which by the way,Ive been gently grooving these balmy june days away to} Its really very lovely here at Toys & Techniques, thank you so very much for all your time & efforts, Cheers, flinty

  4. Here's a reup of the mix