Friday, June 25, 2010

Russian TV

Stéphane in Montreal sent me these lovely Russian TV clips. Fantastic music and visuals. Thanks Stéphane!


  1. The first one is a very famous Russian movie called "Buratino" (youtube it).. it's a cult children's movie there, and the music is fabulous.
    Both the first and the third one feature music from really famous composer Aleksei Rybnikov, who did music for about 80 movies.
    (like that children's classic, and others (random pick)

  2. Totally amazing -- thanks again. So Cablovision is your Youtube channel? Mindblowing uploads there.

  3. Thanks, yes it's mine.. but it's just a collection of favorites..

    oh, i just found another great Rybnikov theme

    ciao !

  4. Wow, that last one is great -- the film looks fascinating.

  5. seeing the russian winnie pooh makes winnie pooh naturally russian. we just imagined he was english...

    and the music is just wonderful.