Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Luigi Scattini

Luigi Scattini's "Angeli Bianchi... Angeli Neri" (released in the US as "Witchcraft '70"), available in ten parts starting here. Classic black arts mondo film from director of similarly smutty "Svezia, inferno e paradiso." I had heard the Piero Umiliani score on CD already but never really *got it* until confronted with grainy images of the benediction of Pan. Absolutely beautiful tunes, especially the Broadcast-y bit starting 5:10 into part III. Great footage of Alex and Maxine Sanders, Highgate Cemetery, loads of buttocks, etc. The coiffed woman throwing devil horns in the fifth photo down is at her wedding ceremony! Dreamy psychedelic opening sequence sets the tone.


  1. Not only is part 3 Broadcast-y, but starting at 6:44 you can here exactly where got the idea for the main elements for The Be Colonly. Nice find!

  2. Not an Empire's dose State Building or the Statue of Liberty however just neighborhoods and zones minimal known and misused by the cameras.

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