Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Set

Australian gay camp from 1970, directed by Frank Brittain with a score by Sven Libaek. Here in ten parts. Nice to finally see this after admiring the soundtrack for a while. The second image is of a spinning moonscape diorama art project that figures late in the film (about 4 minutes into part 9). A beautiful moment. More info here.

Also, while I'm on the subject of Australian film/music, I'm intrigued by this shadowy Felix Ookean character, who apparently cut some great 70s nature soundtracks in the vein of Libaek and John Sangster. Anybody heard of him?

Also, I'm sure people already know about the fantastic blog The Sound of Eye, but this post is simply too cool for words.


  1. I heard from a fairly creadible source on Australian Jazz... that Felix Ookean is actually an elaborate Hoax and isnt a real person. Which is really shitty, because there is nothing I would love to hear more than some mysterious australian nature documentary jazz.

    But I dont think he exists. Ive never found anything by him, ever, anywhere.

  2. Ha, that was my suspicion. It's a good hoax though.