Monday, March 1, 2010

Beveridge Report

Dear Summer Sister (1972)
Stories in Movement 3 - Pantalone's Pantomime
Tomorrow's Achievements - Harry Forbes
Sonnet 20 - Ian McKellan/Fleshtones
Let's Scare Jessica To Death (1971) - Orville Stoeber
MJB Coffee - Herb Pilhofer
Sur le marché Goa - Jean Humenry
Toothache of a Clown
Krakonoš a sklínkař Matěj - Luboš Fišer
The Bed - James Broughton/Warner Jepson
The Artist and the Computer - Lillian Schwartz
All Day - York Pop Music Project
Rubber Balls - Kerry Beaumont
Something Magical Happens... - Vera Gray
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors - Miroslav Skorik
Geography Today - ITV for Schools and Colleges
Carousel - Haruomi Hosono
Cities Are Really People - Herb Pilhofer
Panna Ki Tammana - Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar
Come Back Lucy - Ken Jones
The University of the Air (1978)
Piazza del Popolo - Claudio Baglioni/Bridget Riley

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  1. hey ryan, thanks for stopping by!

  2. trouble dl'ing. i think the file might need to be zipped?

  3. Weird. I changed the dl link to a zip file. Give it another try?

  4. Thanks, Ben - downloaded this morning, listened on my way to work. Listened on my way home. Listening to it now. Nice job.

  5. Lovely mix. Really enjoyed the fascinating soundscape you were able to build from B-music snippets, TV ads and YouTube vids. I only miss some pictures to help me live the full cheesy experience. Looking forward to your next mix. PS: I love the Valerie soundtrack.

  6. Thanks continuo! Loving your Sciortino and Pierre Henry posts.

  7. Could you reupload this please?